Thursday, 21 October 2010

Apache Maven Site Plugin 3.0-beta-3 for maven 3

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Site Plugin, version 3.0-beta-3 for Maven 3.
This version is intended to be the version of the Maven Site Plugin for Maven 3.

The Site Plugin is used to generate a site for the project.

You should specify the version in the section of your project's POM:


Release Notes - Maven 3.x Site Plugin - Version 3.0-beta-3

  • [MSITE-500] - Warning message about missing report plugin version shows null instead of plugin groupId:aritfactId
  • [MSITE-504] - Maven site fails to run due to non-report goals
  • [MSITE-505] - Unable to use SVN SCM wagon to upload a site
  • [MSITE-506] - Maven3 conflict with plexus-archiver
  • [MSITE-507] - report plugin doesn't have dependencies section coming from build section configuration
  • [MSITE-508] - attach-descriptor goals leaks file handlers, causing sporadic build failures when gpg tries to sign descriptor during release
  • [MSITE-512] - [Regression] Configuration of m-javadoc-p at reportSet level is not taken into account

  • [MSITE-513] - use release final maven 3.0 artifacts

Have Fun !
Olivier Lamy on behalf of the The Maven Team

Monday, 18 October 2010

Maven Selenium Plugin 1.1 (Maven 3 compatible)

The Maven Selenium Plugin 1.1 version has been released.
The most important fix is the Maven 3 compatibility !

Don't miss to update the version in your pom


Have Fun !

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tomcat Maven Plugin 1.1 Released

Tomcat Maven Plugin 1.1 has been released.
Site documentation :

Here the release notes :

  • [MTOMCAT-55] - Can't shutdown tomcat started with tomcat:run with fork=true
  • [MTOMCAT-57] - Secondary war files deployed with incorrect context path
  • [MTOMCAT-63] - Make isWar() check consistent with MTOMCAT-23
  • [MTOMCAT-64] - Document how to change the Embedded Tomcat Version
  • [MTOMCAT-65] - Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.29

Have Fun !

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hudson Maven Dependency Update Trigger : First Hudson plugin with maven 3 apis

I have made the first release of the Maven Dependency Update Trigger hudson plugin.
Wiki page here :
This plugin will check according to the cron expression if your SNAPSHOT dependencies has been updated and (optionnaly) check if your plugins SNAPSHOT has been updated too. And trigger a build if necessary.
This is usefull if you have project dependencies not in the same hudson instance or using an other continuous integration tool.
Note this plugin use maven 3 apis to build maven projects and check dependencies.
Hudson 1.379 is required to use this plugin.

So have fun and give me feedbacks.