Monday, 13 December 2010

Maven 3 support in Hudson Maven Plugin

You have developped hudson plugins using the maven-plugin or you are an early adopter user : so this blog entry is for you !

Some stuff has been done in a branch called main-maven3-support [1] in github to support maven 3 in the Hudson native maven plugin.
The plugin now supports both maven 2 and maven 3.
Note the pom parsing to detect modules now use the maven 3 apis. (ProjectBuilder maven component [2])
You don't have something to install (just choose the maven version for your maven build) the plugin will detect which maven version is used for the maven build and use differents implementation to "listen" the build.

To test it, you can build it .
First build the embedder (note this will move to github soon)

svn co
cd hudson-maven-embedder
mvn clean install -DskipTests

Then build hudson from the branch

git clone
git checkout main-maven3-support
mvn clean install -DskipTests

And hudson.war is in war/target/hudson.war

I have pushed builds here :

Currently : maven2 build on master node doesn't work (under work !)

We need you for more testing and nice feedback (before merging this to master)

You can follow what's happened in the dedicated jira entry :

Have Fun !



Anonymous said...

The git clone command is actually:
git clone

olamy said...

Thanks for typo reporting.
It's fixed.

mikrethor said...

Does it support the maven 3 site plugin?

olamy said...

yup just add site goal in the goals list.
If you have any issue ping me :-)