Friday, 25 March 2011

Maven buildnumber plugin will support other scm : git mercurial

Some of you are probably using the buildnumber-maven-plugin from codehaus to get a scm id.
The current released version 1.0-beta-4 is very svn centric.
So the current trunk has been improved to be able to support more scm : git, hg (mercurial).
The info command (yes an another svn centric name :-) ) has been implemented in Apache Maven Scm. Sure all scms are not supported but having at least svn, git and hg is a good start.

So you can test this new feature with a snapshot version : 1.0-beta-5-SNAPSHOT.

Note : to test this, you must be able to download some snapshots from various places (yes Apache Maven download the whole internet :P ).
So if you use a repo manager, you must add the following repositories :
* (for maven scm snapshots)
* (for the buildnumber plugin snapshot)
* (for maven-scm-provider-svnjava )

Update 11 April 2011 : version 1.0 released and available in central repo.

So have Fun and do not hesitate to report any issues :-)