Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Archiva 1.4-M1 released

The Apache Archiva 1.4-M1 has been released.
Some nice features added:

  • It is now possible to create a staging repository for any managed repository and later merge the results.

  • You can now use REST services to control Archiva or search for artifacts. See REST Services for more information.

  • Database storage for repository metadata has been replaced with a JCR repository based on Apache Jackrabbit by default (other options such as a flat-file storage may be made available in the future).

  • The search interface provide now the capability to search on OSGI metadata (based on the update of the Apache Maven Indexer library).

  • You can now download Maven index content from remote repositories to include artifacts which are not present locally in your search results

Full release notes available here:

Download page:

Have Fun and some nice new features will come soon :-)

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