Monday, 3 October 2011

New default http(s) transport layer in maven core 3.x

In the current maven core dev trunk, we have recently replace the http(s) transport layer from lightweight wagon (based on default jdk http(s) mechanism) to the wagon http module based on Apache httpclient [1].

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This change include two improvements:
* connection pool mechanism (to avoid http(s) connection recreation for each artifacts download).
* preemptive authz mechanism which will prevent uploading artifacts twice.

As it's important change in the core distribution, we like to have some feedbacks from users a SNAPSHOT distribution (based on rev 1178324) is available here :

mvn -v display: Apache Maven 3.0.4-SNAPSHOT (r1178324; 2011-10-03 10:07:26+0200)

An other way to test it with maven3 is to download the shaded jar [2] and copy it in $M2_HOME/lib/ext.

Feel free to test it and report any issues you will have with this new default http(s) transport layer.

Thanks in advance for your testing time and have fun !


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