Sunday, 9 October 2011

Tomcat Maven Plugin now supports tomcat7

After moving the Tomcat Maven Plugin from Codehaus to Apache in the Tomcat land (see previous post), I have found some time to start hacking on it.
The first feature I wanted to add was support of Apache Tomcat 7.x. So it's now implemented in trunk.
You can test it see how to configure that in your poms:

NOTE the important changes with the move to Apache and the support of Apache Tomcat 7.x:

  • You know have two "mojos": tomcat6:* and tomcat7:$

  • The groupId is now: org.apache.tomcat.maven

  • All goals are not supported: I will work on that :-)

So you can know use tomcat7 in embedded way within your Apache Maven build with: tomcat7:run.

Feel free to report any issues:

Have Fun!

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