Saturday, 26 November 2011

From a pull request to a jira issue

After the generate a patch and attach it to a jira issue, it's now the time to have a tool to create an issue from a patch request (the current implementation works only for github pull request).

So the Patch Tracker plugin has now a new goal called to-issue. This goal will read a github pull request and create an issue in your issue tracker (currently only supported for jira).

It's simple :-).
As sample see pull request : and the created issue in jira:
I have just used the cli:

mvn patch-tracker:to-issue -B

For easy configuration see the properties in the jenkins pom.



entry in settings:


And that's it :-).

BTW if you need more features, patch (or pull requests) are welcome.

This maven plugin is in the maven sandbox @asf and not released, so if you want to try it you must have asf maven snapshot repo in your settings or buid it manually.
Sources are here:

  • (path plugins/maven-patch-tracker-plugin) yup no sparse checkout with git :P


Some docs has been started here (maybe not yet in sync so wait a bit)

Have fun !

Monday, 21 November 2011

Life is too short to waste time uploading a patch or Maven Patch Tracker plugin

Life is too short and you don't want to waste time contributing to a project (creating a patch, a entry in the jira issue tracker then upload the patch).
So the Maven Patch Tracker plugin is for you !

You will be able with a maven plugin to do all of this in one command line !
Without any configuration you have to write :

mvn patch-tracker:create
-Dpatch.summary="foo summary"
-Dpatch.serverUrl=http://localhost:8080/browse/MNG -B
-Dpatch.user=uid -Dpatch.password=pwd

If you find that boring or too long no problem, there is a solution for that (yes good developer are lasy developers they use tool to automate tasks :-) ).
So configure you pom, with the issue tracker id


Add a server entry in you settings.xml

<password>very complicated password for paranoiac security folks</password>

Reference this jira server in your pom:


Et voilĂ , just run and save fingers:

mvn patch-tracker:create -Dpatch.summary="foo summary" -B

NOTE: without -B the plugin will use a prompt mode to ask you confirmation on the values

An other mojo called update can add/update an issue with an other patch:

mvn patch-tracker:update -Dpatch.description="update of the issue with an other patch" -Dpatch.patchId=MNG-5203 -B

This command will update the issue MNG-5203 with an other patch.

NOTE: currently only jira is supported

The plugin will use the configured scm client configured tru your scm url to generate the patch/diff file.
So your project is configured with svn but for some reasons you use git svn.
No problem add the parameter: -Dscm.providerType=git

Other improvement I think: load the patch to review board.

Something else ?
Ideas and patches are welcome :-)

You can test it using the snapshot repo: or build it yourself:

Have Fun and good hacking!