Friday, 11 January 2013

Huge Refactoring: Relocating to Melbourne, Australia

NOTE: Not usual but this blog entry is not technical, you won't see any xml or java code :-)

That's how my 9 yo daughter see our new future life :-)

NOTE: I tried to explain to her it's not possible to have kangaroo as pet. So she answered to me: "Ok I prefer a koala" :-)

So we wanted to move to an english speaking country.
We merged our specs:
  • wife specs: country with good cupcakes and some beaches.
  • my specs: sunny country and good beer/wine

The short list was:
  • US: but no due to too much guns
  • UK: too much rain (and I'm French and you know the history :-) )
  • Canada: too cold !
  • Australie: cupcakes, beers, beaches and sun etc...

In fact the choice was pretty easy :-).
So we will relocate around mi march to Melbourne, Australia (Yes The most livable city in the world see's_most_livable_cities).

While my wife will go to the beach, I will work for a small/medium company (I don't know yet what is small/medium/huge in this country): (see smart people
The good news is 50% of my $DAYJOB will be continuing hacking on open source ! and the other 50% will be consulting/training on this open source.

If you need some consulting on open source in the Australia area contact me :-)

I'd like to thanks @Talend for the crazy 1,5 year dedicated to Apache hacking !
It was a really great pleasure to work with so amazing team !!
(@glenmazza this relocation will help me to reduce my english typos :P )

<personnal marketing in French>
Je vends ma maison située ici
Pas encore eu le temps de faire annonce dans un circuit de vente officielle.
L'annonce sera:
Maison individuelle de 140m2 sur un terrain de 650 m2 avec 5 chambres, 1 bureau, sous sol total. Située dans secteur calme, proche écoles, à 5 min du RER C.
Rez de chaussée: 1 chambre, 1 bureau, salle à manger, cuisine, salle de bains (refaite en 2006) et WC.
Etage (construit en 2008): 4 chambres, salle de bains et WC.
Libre Juillet 2013.
Si vous êtes intéressé envoyez moi un email: olamy AT apache DOT org
</personnal marketing in French>

NOTE: I'm looking for a small apartment only for myself @Melbourne for mid march until august. Contact me if you have some proposals.

Next blog entry will be probably from the other side of the world :-)