Monday, 31 October 2016

Ultra Trail Australia 2016

So 14th May 2016, I managed to finish the Ultra Trail Australia 2016 in the Blue Mountains (NSW) It's 100km with 4500m elevation and down.
Well few months later, I won't really write a race report but only post a link to the video I made.

Ultra Trail Australia 2016 100km from olamy on Vimeo.

I really enjoyed it!! Hard training make it "easy" except few kilometers with stomach pain (from 35km mark to 56km mark).
And I'm crazy enough to register again for 2017.
Goal: improve my time!!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Two Bays trail run 2016

So I just started the year with a mid distance trail running.
Last year I did the 28km but decided to go for the 56km this year.
Training during summer and xmas period is a bit complicated and need some real motivation. But I finally managed to do a decent training.
The race was a bit complicated with the weather. I had some hard time with the hot (33° in some country bush part!!)
Bad eating strategy at the start. (eat too much...)
But so I did it. I would expect better time but the temperature really kills me on the way back. So I must be happy with this 7H for 56km and +1600m/-1600m.
I managed to build a video. So enjoy how is to run in Australia :-)
Strava activity here (Some GPS issues but I really did 56km :-) )
Next race is the rollercoaster 44km 27th February.
Then the big one of the year Ultra Trail Australia 100km in the Blue mountains.
And maybe the Surf coast century for a second time with a sub 12h goal (depends how the body will be in Jun :-) )