Friday, 11 January 2013

Huge Refactoring: Relocating to Melbourne, Australia

NOTE: Not usual but this blog entry is not technical, you won't see any xml or java code :-)

That's how my 9 yo daughter see our new future life :-)

NOTE: I tried to explain to her it's not possible to have kangaroo as pet. So she answered to me: "Ok I prefer a koala" :-)

So we wanted to move to an english speaking country.
We merged our specs:
  • wife specs: country with good cupcakes and some beaches.
  • my specs: sunny country and good beer/wine

The short list was:
  • US: but no due to too much guns
  • UK: too much rain (and I'm French and you know the history :-) )
  • Canada: too cold !
  • Australie: cupcakes, beers, beaches and sun etc...

In fact the choice was pretty easy :-).
So we will relocate around mi march to Melbourne, Australia (Yes The most livable city in the world see's_most_livable_cities).

While my wife will go to the beach, I will work for a small/medium company (I don't know yet what is small/medium/huge in this country): (see smart people
The good news is 50% of my $DAYJOB will be continuing hacking on open source ! and the other 50% will be consulting/training on this open source.

If you need some consulting on open source in the Australia area contact me :-)

I'd like to thanks @Talend for the crazy 1,5 year dedicated to Apache hacking !
It was a really great pleasure to work with so amazing team !!
(@glenmazza this relocation will help me to reduce my english typos :P )

<personnal marketing in French>
Je vends ma maison située ici
Pas encore eu le temps de faire annonce dans un circuit de vente officielle.
L'annonce sera:
Maison individuelle de 140m2 sur un terrain de 650 m2 avec 5 chambres, 1 bureau, sous sol total. Située dans secteur calme, proche écoles, à 5 min du RER C.
Rez de chaussée: 1 chambre, 1 bureau, salle à manger, cuisine, salle de bains (refaite en 2006) et WC.
Etage (construit en 2008): 4 chambres, salle de bains et WC.
Libre Juillet 2013.
Si vous êtes intéressé envoyez moi un email: olamy AT apache DOT org
</personnal marketing in French>

NOTE: I'm looking for a small apartment only for myself @Melbourne for mid march until august. Contact me if you have some proposals.

Next blog entry will be probably from the other side of the world :-)


Emmanuel Lécharny said...

svn relocate or git rebase ?

Don't forget ot send us some Fosters !

Alexis MP said...

nice move mate! Bonne route!

Fred said...

Happy for you mate :-)

I'm currently in a similar refactoring process (kinda, we're just at the very beginning).
Same reasons to move, same shortlist, same reasons to exclude UK and USA but we found that Oz was too far from the family. So that should be Toronto for us, in 6 months to 1 year, hopefully.

Vincent Hardion said...


There are so many countries that are english friendly.
Sweden is where we're living our relocation for 5 months now.
We don't regret anything apart the cheese :-)

This is a fantastic project you have ... keep the line.

Good luck.

Nicolas Frankel said...

Ben pour un gars qui voulait pas aller trop loin ;-)

Bonne chance chez les walabis. J'espère que tu auras l'occasion de revenir en Europe de temps en temps.

Samuel Langlois said...


Same story with my wife one year ago, but the beer requirement was higher than the weather, so we moved to the UK in April…
Haven't regretted a minute of it.

Have fun et bon courage!

Pierre-Antoine Grégoire said...

It's both absolutely great and also a pity for us not to be able to meet you often, though, as we've met only once or twice, I guess it's all for the best :):)

Jokes apart, that's a huge step and a great adventure ahead of you!

A bientôt!

Crowie said...

Good on you mate