Monday, 5 August 2013

Error Prone compiler with Apache Maven Compiler plugin

Update 11 Sep 2013: All plexus-compiler released!
Because you usually write code very fast, you can sometimes made mistakes.
To prevent some stupid errors, folks from Google write the error prone compiler.
Have a look at the various detected patterns (yeah definitely more interesting than checkstyle :P )
Kudos to Alex Eagle for the contribution!.
The configuration to use it:
    <!-- NOTE this one will not be needed when plexus-compiler-javac-errorprone and error-prone will be released -->
Feel free to test, I hope we will be able to have released versions of those artifacts soon.

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Unknown said...

I tried this out and there were a couple changes needed to the instructions. I updated the docs on the error-prone wiki in case anyone else is giving this a try: